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Polypropylene Troug Moulds (LAMOLEN)

Features of Lamolen Moulds

Lamolen moulding system offers cost effective and functional solutions for one-way rib flooring. Depending on the needs and requirements of a given project, the moulds can be sold under a repurchase contract.  Mass production in all sizes enables a fast and safe service opportunity. Civil engineers present in our technical team provide preliminary design and cost efficient dimensioning.

  • Produced in 6 standard depths and 10 types  
  • Up to 100 or more uses per mould depending on the usage
  • Interlocking feature for the convenience of storage and transportation
  • Light, durable, and user friendly 
  • Available on very short lead times, daily production is 300-500 pcs.
  • Up to 60% lighter compared to glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
  • Saves concrete up to 60% compared to floor plates
  • Suitable for being used in high temperate
  • Made of plastics. Contains no iron, wood and reinforcement profiles
  • Resistant to heat, humidity, acids, UV lights of the sun and other external factors
  • Easy to assemble, carry, install and disassemble 
  • Requires no air pressure for disassembling, manually disassembling enabled 100% recyclable
  • Enables clearance, heat and audio insulation
  • Clearances arising out of removal of the moulds can be evaluated as shown below depending on the depth.
    • Penetrating through ventilation ducts
    • No piping required before concrete casting for the lighting installation. Interstitial spaces can be used for installation. Lighting luminaries can be built in clearances at this stage.
    • These clearances can be used for heating and sanitaryware pass.

Troug of 475 mm Width

Type Weight (kg) Depth (mm) Rib Width (mm) Back of the Rib (mm)
D1 4.50 175 125 600
D2 5.00 250 125 600
D3* 5.60 325 125 600
D4* 5.80 400 125 600

Troug of 400 mm Width

Type Weight (kg) Depth (mm) Rib Width (mm) Back of the Rib (mm)
D5 3.80 250 125 525
D6 4.10 250 150 550
D7 4.40 250 200 600
D8 4.20 300 125 525
D9 4.40 300 150 550
D10 4.70 300 200 600

Another feature of troug moulding systems is that all rib widths are changeable for all mould sizes.  Wider flanks provide many benefits; interim materials are no longer required; rib levelling is improved.

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